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Ashridge Country Services

We pride ourselves in providing a range of agricultural and equestrian services to the local area. Our range of services is comprehensive and if there are any services that are not listed on this site please contact us and we will always do our best to help out.


Bespoke Services

Equestrian Muck Container Service

Fed up with the muck heap pile growing and spreading out beyond control to be taken away once a year. We can provide you with an elegant container that is painted green to blend into the environment including a ramp for easy access to take a wheelbarrow into the container. The container will be delivered to site, the access required will be for a tractor and trailer. Once the container is close to being full, give us a call and arrange for the muck container to be taken away and replaced with a cleaned and disinfected fresh container. No rotting piles of horse muck to worry about. We will then use the muck for fertilizer on farm land.

Muck Heap Removal

If you have a horse muck heap that is beginning to get out of control then please give us a call and we will provide a quote for the removal of the heap. We will also be happy to provide a quote for one of our muck containers to replace your existing muck heap.

Grassland Maintenance

Any keeper of livestock understands that fields of grass provide the best form of cheap feed for animals, however to keep the grass growing at its optimum rate you are required to maintain it. From removing horse droppings using a tractor pulled field sweep. To flail topping the grass to remove wispy long grass and weeds to testing the soils for its PH level to ensure that the nutrients from the rain are being absorbed by the grass this can be corrected by the spreading of lime. Arieating the soil will also reduce compaction and improve drainage. Rolling grass will also kill off weeds, for areas that do not have enough grass coverage we can also provide seeding services. We aim to improve the grass health and growth without the need for chemical fertilizers.

Big Ab Trailer

We have a BigAb trailer and this is capable of lifting a range of trailer attachments from moving pig huts to rubble removal the bed of the trailer can be dropped off and picked up at a later date removing the requirement for the whole trailer to be onsite the whole time. This unique setup allows Ashridge Country Services to load a range of tractor implements on the trailer and carry out a complete renovation of the grassland without requiring multiple journeys to our base on the road. Therefore avoiding unnecessary travel time and also reduced environmental impact from decreased distances travelled by our tractors.

Hedge and Verge Maintenance

We have a front mounted hedge/verge cutter that enables us to carry out the full range of verge and hedge maintenance, from the traditional flail head that is 1.5 metres wide (reducing the number of passes of a standard flail head) through to our Saw Blade that is capable of cutting up to 14 inch limbs from trees without the need for scaffolding or climbing equipment. This equipment is also suitable for scrub clearance and will save many hours of manual labour in clearing small or large areas. We also have a rotary blade head that enables grass to be cut from underneath wire fences without the traditional requirement for this to be completed by manual strimming.

Farm Contracting

We are traditional farmers at heart and also provide a full range of farm contracting services and we have a range of machinery that will enable us to support any farmer with additional machinery including GPS assisted tractors, all of our tractors are fitted with 2 way radios to avoid communication difficulties where mobile phone signals are poor. We also have a full range of loader attachments from grabs to shovels bale squeeze to pallet forks. Contact us for our hourly rate.