Why Field Topping is Important

It doesn’t matter how good you think your grass management skills are; topping is a job that will always improve your grazing paddocks.

Even the tightest grazing regime will leave parts of a field with untouched grass. The reasons for this can be numerous; droppings, unpalatable grasses or too few horses in the field.

Paddocks with tufts of grass that are becoming stemmy and are rejected by the horses are cut back by topping. This encourages new growth which will be of higher quality and will be much more palatable to horses.

Topping also prevents many of the undesirable plants such as docks, nettles and thistles from going to seed, thus reducing the number of these plants in the future. Regular topping of your paddocks actually helps to increase the amount of grass and the amount of the field with grass. Areas which may have been densely covered with dock or nettle patches for years can be converted to grassland, following a regular regime of topping.