Frequently Asked Questions

Granulated Lime Spreading FAQ’s


Q. How long does the land need to be rested after the lime has been spread?
A. Lime is not harmful to horses so after rainfall the horses may return to the field.

Q. How much lime is needed per acre?
A. It is dependent on the pH of the land but on average one 600Kg bag of lime covers 2 acres.

Q. How much does it cost to have a field soil tested?
A. Prices start from £30 + VAT for a basic sample or a broad-spectrum sample starts at £60 + VAT.

Q. When is the best time to spread lime?
A. Lime can be spread at any time of the year but has the greatest effect in the autumn.

Q. How often should you have your soil tested?
A. Once a year.

Q. Why choose lime over chemical fertiliser?
A. Lime is considerably cheaper then chemical fertiliser. pH balance correct you have less need for chemical fertiliser. It is not harmful to horses. Lime has the single greatest influence on the soil to obtain the correct pH.