Save Time and Money With Our Saw Blade Hedge Cutting

Our front mounted Saw Blade will save you time and money in the removal of scrub and overhanging treed without the need for other equipment. This 1 metre saw blade will make light work or large areas and enable the quick clearance in preparation of fencing and field clearing.

Front Mounted Saw Blade Hedge Cutter

The saw blade is mounted on the front of our tractor and this enables the operator to view the work in front of him without the need to be constantly turning around. This speeds up the process and improves the accuracy of the for cutting and clearance. This saw blade has been used to clear overgrown areas and bring them back into useful grazing areas.

Overgrown Hedges

Do you have any overgrown hedges that are out of control and require more than a traditional hedge cutter, then the saw blade is your ideal solution to bringing that hedge back to its former glory. The saw will make clean cuts to the limbs and encourage new growth.

Overgrown and Dangerous Tree Limbs

Do you have tree limbs that are dangerous and difficult to access, then the saw blade will be able to reach these difficult areas and remove the branches with ease and safely as all controls are located within the tractor. Protech PowerBlade website