Hedge Cutting

We offer a full range of hedge cutting services for farmers and land owners, we can carry out general flail hedge cutting with our front mounted hedge cutter we can quickly and accurately cover large lengths of hedgerow. We also have other attachments that come in useful for our full range of hedge cutting services.

Low Topper Hedge Cutting

We have a low topper head that enable verges to be cut with a blade as opposed to a flail head. This enables verges that are at angles not suitable for a standard verge mower. We can also combine this with our flail topper mounted on the rear of the tractor and cover large areas of verge grass quickly reducing the number of passes required.

Saw Blade Hedge and Tree Cutting

Our saw blade attachment enables the de-limbing of trees from the safety of a tractor removing the need for a scaffold tower or cherry picker. This can be very useful for removing dangerous overhanging branches efficiently. We can also take care of overgrown hedgerows and cut through the branches leaving a nice clean cut that will encourage new growth.

Scrub Clearance

Overgrown area that will take hours using a traditional strimmer, let us remove and clear these areas quickly removing the chances of being caught by brambles or other overgrown branches and save days in labour.

Quick and Safe

Our hedge cutter is fitted with the McConnel EDS easy drive system that automatically adjusts to the contours of the cutting area.

McConnel EDS System Information